5 April 2015

Vida Jones

Vida Jones cannot believe she celebrated her 100th birthday, she still thinks of herself as 50.

Born on March 28th 1914, Vida left school at the age of 14 to work at Kodak, where her first pay of 15 shillings arrived in a little cream envelope. At age 25, Vida married Bill and wore a beautiful wedding gown and carried a bouquet of white magnolias.

They are blessed with a daughter Nerida and two grandchildren, Leigh and Collette, and Collette’s beautiful twins Mia and Kayle.

Vida and Bill moved into The Ritz (now known as Arcare Sanctuary Manors) in 2006. They used to spend their days walking in the gardens, playing indoor bowls and enjoying the bus trips on offer.

Vida remembers Bill, who passed away in 2010, as a true gentleman who loved baked custards and fondly remembers the time they saw the official opening of the Sydney Harbour Bridge in 1932.

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