25 September 2020

Virtual dance concert with Prelude Dance Centre

The young dancers at Prelude Dance Centre have been regular performers at Arcare Slacks Creek and a favourite among the clients.

Clients have continuously shared with us that they are most looking forward to seeing them again once the restrictions on visitors are lifted.

Taking in their comments, the Lifestyle time wasted no time in contacting the dance school.

Unfortunately, they learnt that with all the COVID restrictions in place, all their concerts were cancelled, including their performance for us at Arcare Slacks Creek and a performance at Dreamworld.

The dancers had been practicing all year long and now they needed an audience.

Unsurprisingly, the clients at Arcare Slacks Creek were more than happy to volunteer!

Soon, Miss Kelly from the Prelude Dance Centre opened the invitation for all Arcare residences to join in.

Before the performance started, the dancers introduced themselves and the clients and dancers took delight in waving to each other through the screen.

The talented girls performed a number of dances, displaying their skills in jazz, ballet and contemporary dance styles.

The clients thoroughly enjoyed the performance and for Luba, watching the girls dance brought back memories of when she was a ballerina.

Now, she is looking forward to seeing them perform in person.

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