28 August 2020

Virtual play-dates

Every second Friday afternoon during lockdown, the Arcare Reservoir community have been virtually meeting up with the children from the local Paisley Park Childcare Centre.
The virtual play-dates are run through Zoom with around ten residents regularly attending the fortnightly sessions. The residents have been enjoying watching the children sing songs, dance, tell stories and talk about themselves.
The virtual program has been an uplifting experience for many, and has brought some much-needed joy into the community during these uncertain times.
“Everyone really looks forward to to seeing the children, and both the residents and children have enjoyed getting to know one another. Everyone has been missing their families and their grandchildren during lockdown, however this activity has been a great way to help bridge that gap. It brings a lot of joy.” Lifestyle Assistant, Angela said
How are you staying healthy and happy during these times?
Arcare Aged Care Reservoir Virtual Kinder Visit (1)

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