5 June 2018

Volleyball with a twist

The Point Lonsdale Community have created their own version of volleyball and hold hotly contested games once a month.

With many clients being sporting fanatics, the community came up with an inventive way to get everyone involved regardless of physical limitations.

The players sit in comfortable seats in the lounge and use balloons for a lighter weight alternative to the regular ball.

For extra length, power and just for laughs, the players also use pool noodles to get the best shot.

There is a lot of cheering and clapping from both competitors and onlookers. Sometimes, if it’s a particularly challenging game, the players will joke around and trash talk the opponents.

Regardless of whether a team won or lost, there is always goodwill at the end of the game and a few pats on the back, hand shakes and words of encouragement.

To replenish energy, there’s also some chocolate handed out to end the session.

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