11 May 2019

A warm type of love

It was a weekday morning and Lorraine, a client from Arcare Taigum was sitting in her usual spot in the lounge, enjoying the warm air and clear skies.

But it was not a quiet day.

The residence was filled with laughter and voices. She wondered to herself, “what could possibly be happening?”

And as she went around the residence, she found the answer to her question.

It was the day of the local Family Day Care’s visit to the residence.

Even though she was surprised to see so many young, happy faces going around the room, she couldn’t help but join in and laugh along as well.

The relationships and friendships that were forged on that day were truly unforgettable.

For Lorraine, her fondest memory of that day was when little Charlie came over and held her hands to warm them up when she felt cold.

It was a beautiful depiction of a warm type of love between the young and the old.


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