28 June 2019

Warming up your hands with wax

What better way to warm up the hands than by dipping them in wax? Hand wax therapy is a weekly activity here at Arcare Maroochydore. You could just hear the excitement of the 14 clients at the hair salon!

To start off, physiotherapist Hannah sanitises everyone’s hands before beginning. Then, she gently places their hands into a bath of melted wax.

At this moment, the paraffin wax has reached a comfortably warm temperature and the room is scented with blooming lilacs.

After dipping their hands in for a couple of times, their hands are ready to be wrapped in a plastic bag, followed by a tea towel. This is to ensure that the wax properly hardens around their hands.

Many of the clients really do enjoy the ‘hot wax soak’ as they close their eyes to soak in the comfort and warmth of the wax.

After the wax had hardened, they were able to peel it right off and roll it into a ball. But it doesn’t stop there! Once it has been rolled into a ball, it also doubles as a stress ball where clients get to exercise their hands.

“It’s really fun and easy to roll it into a ball,” Winifred said.

The texture of the wax was simply different! it was smooth, soft and slightly warm to the touch.

Research has shown that paraffin wax soothes arthritis and fibromyalgia by increasing blood flow, relaxing muscles and reducing stiffness in joints. Such an interesting approach to therapy!

Ann stated, “I absolutely love coming every week because it really helps the arthritis in my fingers”.

For the clients that did not want the wax therapy, they were offered a hand massaged instead. As Hannah massaged their well-worn hands with moisturiser, the clients could not help but sigh with content.

You could tell they just had a hand therapy session, as they left the hair salon with shiny and smooth hands!

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