22 February 2019

Chloe’s Wedding Celebrations

Everyone at Arcare Glenhaven threw Lifestyle Co-ordinator Chloe a massive party to celebrate her upcoming wedding.

‘Our very first granddaughter is getting married!’ said Paul.

Without a doubt, client Chris has been dropping by Chloe’s office door everyday after breakfast; counting down from 70 days out.

Chloe’s lifestyle team spend weeks putting together a kitchen tea, with a range of wedding-themed games.

Clients dressed Chloe in the most stylish toilet paper designs to represent their ideal wedding dress.

Everyone had a great laugh.

The next game was a twist on pass-the-parcel.

Clients had to listen to the story about Chloe and her fiancé, and pass the parcel left and right every time they heard the words ‘left’ or ‘right’.

The final landing position determined the winner.

Everyone had a blast competing in the peg game, where you had to see how many pegs you could take off the ‘line’ with one hand.

Team member Jeanette also quizzed Chloe on kitchen utensils that many had never heard of, seeing if she was ready to help in the kitchen.

Chloe felt the love on this day, with over 40 clients who gathered for the celebrations.

Everyone also brought along their own wedding photos to share.

The fashions and style of photography was very different to what we see now in 2019.

Chloe’s bridal shower ended with a special speech from Paul.

‘Marriage is like a game of poker – you are dealt with five cards,’ he said.

‘And we hope for Chloe and Jonathan, that the first one is an ace, and the other four spell L – O – V – E, love.’

‘And we wish that they will always have a great hand that will bring them happiness, good fortune and good luck’

Chloe received a collection of secret recipes and marriage advice from all the clients as a wedding gift.

Everyone can’t wait to hear about her wedding and honeymoon to Mauritius.

There will surely be a wedding photo presentation on the theatre’s big screen when she returns!

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Bridal Shower

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Bridal Shower

Arcare Aged Care Glenhaven Bridal Shower

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