24 August 2020

A week of celebrations for EKKA at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

Clients at Arcare Eight Mile Plains enjoyed a week of EKKA celebrations, from cockatiels to chocolate treats.

Due to the precautionary lockdown at the residence, Fonzie and Vanessa from the Lifestyle team had to improvise their annual celebrations.

Instead of one big event, they surprised clients with a variety of exciting events and their entertaining trolley of displays.

After setting up the trolley, Fonzie and Vanessa went around to each suite every day to showcase their daily displays.

On Monday, Fonzie brought in plants and finches to entertain the clients.

They also played Russian Roulette on a Spin-the-board to win prizes and pancakes.

Because it was plant day, team members also wore green in support of the theme.

On Tuesday, clients enjoyed dagwood dogs and chocolate strawberries and marshmallows as Fonzie went around the residence with his cockatiels.

On Wednesday, the communities were allowed to interact with one another, so they had celebrated the EKKA with popcorn, lollies, chips and more pancakes.

They also played games together and somehow, the celebrations ended in a concert!

On Thursday, clients had a BBQ to end their EKKA week of celebrations.

There was Happy Hour, karaoke in the afternoon and more dagwood dogs!

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