2 September 2020

Wendy’s wonderful creations

Like many, Arcare Sydenham resident, Wendy had been struggling and desperately missing her family and friend during this lockdown period, however the Sydenham have found a way to keep Wendy feeling positive, active and motivated.

Recently the lifestyle team introduced Wendy to a mindful colouring exercise, which has absolutely revolutionised Wendy’s outlook and attitude during lockdown.

While colouring may seem like a juvenile activity to some, the benefits of mindful colouring are many and varied, from helping to reduce stress and anxiety to helping to improve quality of sleep and even motor skills and vision.

Every fortnight, the team have been providing Wendy with various adult colouring books to complete. It wouldn’t take long for Wendy to get started on the new artworks, and she has been enjoying sharing her work with the team once complete.

The team have also been helping Wendy find a place to proudly display her artwork within her suite and around the residence, for others to appreciate.

“This is a good way to keep me busy! I am thoroughly enjoying this.” Wendy said

In addition to the mindful colouring, the Sydenham team have also been spending more one on one time with Wendy: providing emotional and social support, taking her for regular walks outside and sitting and listening to some of Wendy’s favourite CD’s from 50’s and 60’s.

“I feel so much better these days.” Wendy told the team.

The Arcare Sydenham team are working tirelessly to ensure that all residents feel, and are physically, socially, emotionally and spiritually supported during lockdown.

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