3 July 2019

What’s age got to do with it?

The clients at the Arcare Carnegie community absolutely love when little Abbey comes to visit.

Abbey is the daughter of Marg, one of Arcare Carnegie’s volunteers.

When Marg comes into volunteer, she regularly brings in little Abbey. Many of the clients have grown accustomed to Abbey visiting and her sweet cuddles.

Therefore when Abbey fails to make an appearance at the residence with her mother, the clients tend to be very unhappy and upset. It is safe to say that Abbey visiting is always highly requested by the clients.

Client, Alice has especially taken an interest in baby Abbey. Alice is always encapsulated by her when she visits, as she reminds Alice of being around her own children.

Alice is soon to celebrate her 101st birthday and loves to remind everyone of it. Although Alice is almost 100 years Abbey’s senior, this doesn’t stop the centenarian from playing and teaching Abbey new things. Alice is currently working on teaching Abbey how to clap along.

Alice says, “No matter what age you are, children can always brighten your day!”

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