3 October 2019

Williamstown Beach

Moving into the Spring, the weather has started to warm up in Melbourne. The Arcare Sydenham community thought they would take advantage of the warm weather, while it lasts, and take their clients on a trip to the beach.

Excited clients piled onto the bus, with their hats, sunnies and sunscreen in hand. When the group arrived at Williamstown Beach, the sun was still shining, and it was just warm enough for clients to dip their toes in the water, without getting chilly.

While at the beach, client, Josie couldn’t stop smiling, and couldn’t stop mentioning how happy she was that she came along on the bus trip.

“I should have brought my togs with me and had a swim!” Josie exclaimed.

However a trip to the beach wouldn’t be complete, without a visit to the local ice-cream shop or milk bar, to pick out an ice-cream to finish off the day.

Client, Josephine couldn’t make up her mind, as to the ice-cream flavour she wanted to eat, as there was just too many to pick from. Josephine spent many minutes going back and forth between classic Australian ice-cream flavours such as strawberry and boysenberry. However Josephine finally decided that one scoop wasn’t nearly going to be enough to satisfy her cravings, she needed to have two scoops. Josephine settled on having two scoops of limoncello and raspberry, all of which to ate by the beach as she watched the waves roll in.

On the bus ride home, the lifestyle team assured the clients that there would be more bus trips to the beach, as the weather continues to warm up.

“It melts our hearts, when we see our clients so happy.” Lifestyle coordinator, Jennifer said.

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