25 November 2019

Winners are grinners at Arcare Maroochydore’s Melbourne Cup

After much excitement and chatter, a couple of ladies from Arcare Maroochydore settled into the activities room to make fascinators for the upcoming Melbourne Cup.

It was a day of excitement for the clients at Arcare Maroochydore as they could not wait to dress in their finest clothes.

How beautiful it was to see the sea of colour flowing into the residence theatre, as clients gathered to watch the big race.

Melbourne Cup is truly the race that stops the nation.

Many of the clients were excited to purchase their sweeps, in a bid to get the lucky tickets.

Team members were pouring the bubbly and the theatre was filled with chatter and laughter.

Then, all fell silent as the race began.

All eyes and ears were focussed on the race, with some clients standing to get a better view.

And then just like that, the race was over.

Only a few were winners from the big race while others won prizes for fashions on the field, best handmade fascinator and from the lucky door prize.

There were many bright smiles in the room as everyone enjoyed the Melbourne Cup celebrations.

“I can’t believe I got 2 winning places, how lucky am I?” said one of the clients.

Even though the race was done for another year in just a few short minutes, the Melbourne Cup event was the talk of the week for many of the clients at Arcare Maroochydore.

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