1 July 2020

The wonderful benefits of exercise for clients at Arcare Peregian Springs

The clients at Arcare Peregian Springs participate in a variety of exercise classes that are beneficial for their overall wellbeing.

For example, on Mondays, they do meditation, on Tuesdays, Tai Chi and Thera Band Stretching, on Wednesdays, Light Weight Training, on Thursdays, Chair Yoga and on Fridays, Physio Balance class.

There are many wonderful benefits to regular exercise and physiotherapy for the clients’ muscles, joints, bones and more!

The Physio at Arcare Peregian Springs works hard to design an exercise program that meets their needs and yet challenges them to a certain extent.

Gathering in the theatre every morning after enjoying a hearty breakfast meal, the clients are all smiles as they get ready for an interactive exercise session.

From engaging their muscles by stretching resistance bands to practicing hand-eye coordination by moving a ball, the bones and muscles in their body are being strengthened and mobilised.

Clients look forward to their morning exercises as they experience a sense of purpose and fulfilment in taking care of their physical and mental wellbeing, while having fun, of course!

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