18 September 2019

Young at heart

There is special something about children, that makes aged care clients feel young at heart.

Clients from the Arcare Maidstone community recently went to visit a local kindergarten, to interact and play with the young children for an afternoon.

Intergenerational relationships between aged care clients and kindergarten children, have proven to be socially, mentally and physically beneficial for both parties.

Research has found that intergenerational relationships can positively impact the mobility and cognition of aged care clients, as well as enabling them to develop a more positive outlook on life.

Many attribute to the success of intergenerational relationships to the encouraging and inquisitive nature of the children, as it is the ultimate driving force behind aged care clients to engaging and improving their current state of being as a result.

The four and five year olds at the local kindergarten, invited the clients to participate in an afternoon of painting and gardening.

When the clients arrived, the children were encouraged by their teachers, to go around the room and introduce themselves.

The children were confident, as they chose which aged care client to buddy up with. Many made an instant connection with each other, as the children’s positive attitudes were truly uplifting.

The children led the group of clients to their art stations, where paper, canvas, paints, water and brushes were setup and ready to go.

The clients and the children had to work together to create a masterpiece, and many were happy to share the canvas or paper to paint.

The children guided the clients, through their vision of what their painting should be and what it should look like. There were many requests for rainbows, unicorns, flowers and people from the children, and the clients tried their best to deliver with the artistic abilities. While painting, many of the clients took the opportunity to discuss what painting they used to do and what their schooling was like when they were their age. The children were incredibly curious about their stories and giggled at vast differences of the times.

Since it was a lovely day outside, the group was also invited to help the kindergarten kids tend to their garden beds. While many went outside just to enjoy the lovely, warm sun, others decided to get their hands dirty, helping pull weeds and watering the plants. Gardening used to be, and still is a hobby and passion for many of the clients; it was so great to see, the clients being able to pass on their knowledge and passion for gardening to a younger generation.

The Arcare Maidstone clients had a wonderful afternoon playing, helping and engaging with the kindy kids. Both the clients and the children are excited for their next opportunity to meet up again.


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