Six Senses

The Six Senses is an empirically tested framework underpinning Arcare’s Relationship-First Approach. This framework has been developed from the ‘Senses-framework’ Nolan et al., 2006.

It ensures that we are focused on maximising the well-being, growth and contribution of everyone in the Arcare community.


Our ‘Six Senses’ are:

To feel safe and receive or deliver competent and intuitive care.

Using the past to make sense of the present and to pave the way for the future. Working within a consistent team driven with an agreed philosophy of care.

Having opportunities to form meaningful relationships and to feel part of the community as a resident, family member, volunteer or team member.

Engage in purposeful activity and have an environment that actively values and fosters personal goals.

Achieve meaningful goals and feel satisfied with one’s efforts – both small and big.

To feel that you, and what you do, matters, and that you are valued as a person of worth.

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