12 March 2021

Creating a residence with a sophisticated feel

How we create a space

Arcare welcomed clients to two new residences in 2021 in Essendon, Victoria, and Noosa, Queensland. Interior designer Lily Vaughan opens the door to her creative process on these sought-after residences.

‘Using warm finishes such as timbers and plush textures I think achieves a homely feel,’ Lily Vaughan tells us. ‘I like to keep the main finishes simple throughout the facility and then layer with décor and artwork. Textural elements such as cushions and throws help make a space feel warm and inviting. I try to create a space that isn’t cold and clinical as you wouldn’t have had that in your own home, so why should you have it in your new home?’

The measure of space and how it makes us feel is an important part of the overall design philosophy. Contemporary furnishings are highly functional, balancing a 5-star sophistication with a warm and connected feel. Everything is carefully considered to match this approach – the space, the light, the geometry and the materials. You will find soft threads of fresh colours on natural textures such as linen, marble, wood and glass. Light fixtures are elegant and warm, from the entrance to resident suites.

‘The furniture throughout the building is one of my favourite parts of my job. Procuring and curating different areas that are individual but also cohesive. Of course the overall design is great but filling the space with objects brings it to life. The front foyer/ reception area [at Arcare Essendon] came together really well. I think it has a really sophisticated feel while also being calming.’

It is all about an environment to thrive in, making day-to-day living a joy for residents, guests and team members.

‘Ensure it feels like it’s made by humans, for humans.’
– Stefan Sagmeister, acclaimed designer