7 April 2021

Recipes and reminiscing

What we eat, how it is prepared and how we share our food reveals a lot about us. For Arcare Point Lonsdale resident David Coombes, the recipe that holds family stories and memories is his mothers steak and kidney pudding.

“Food was prepared slowly and you used every bit of an animal. When I was a kid, we learnt ways to create slow and deep flavour which would keep us warm,” Robert says referring to his recipe.

Lifestyle team member at Arcare Point Lonsdale, Yvonne, recognizes the value in residents sharing stories of food together and has collaboratively drafted a collection of their recipes. “I have actually cooked residents recipes, it’s beautiful to have it pass down,” she says. Every resident holds a deep history which is unique to their family and Yvonne’s workshops give an opportunity to share and discuss much loved dishes – and the techniques to create your very own.

David in the courtyard next to his suite.

Lifestyle team member, Yvonne, leading a group discussion.


Eating a meal together provides a simple fix by creating a sense of community, and we are proud to be fostering Lifestyle projects that look towards sharing unique histories and cultures.

As for David’s steak and kidney pudding, “It’s comforting, rich and perfect for a winter’s day,” he tells us. See the recipe below or click to download David’s Steak and kidney pudding recipe.