28 August 2019

Clients at Arcare North Lakes certainly love their music

The clients here at Arcare North Lake certainly have a huge love for music.

At the beginning of each month, when the new social calendar has been delivered, the concerts are the first to be noted in everyone’s minds.

They circle it on the calendars and dutifully mark it down in their diaries to make sure they attend all the residence concerts.

During our assortment of musical performances and entertainment, the clients often call out requests for their favourite songs to be played.

One client even commented, “Time just goes by so quickly during these musical performances”.

During these musical sessions, everyone can be seen singing and tapping along to the old-school tunes.

Clients’ loved ones often also make a special visit to the residence to accompany them at the concert.

Sometimes, the entertainers even have jokes to share in-between songs, which everyone thoroughly enjoys.

When the musical concert is over, instead of feeling upset or unhappy, the clients are already looking forward to the next concert and happily chatting about what type of music it will be.

We all enjoy a favourite song as it brings back many cherished memories that are kept in our hearts and minds.

Upon hearing their favourite songs, everyone’s mood is instantly lifted as they get to share this special moment surrounded by new and old friends.

Seeing the happy smiles on the clients’ faces also makes it all worthwhile.

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