13 January 2020

Eileen is 102 years young at Arcare Eight Mile Plains

With a bright smile on her face and a cheeky glint in her eyes, Eileen Kirk certainly brings a lot of joy to her friends at the Arcare Eight Mile Plains residence.

For her 102nd birthday, she wanted to keep it simple so Lifestyle Co-ordinator Simonne arranged for an exclusive high tea in the Paterson community.

The lounge room and dining area were decorated with colourful balloons and table toppers.

And the clients were served finger sandwiches, delicious custard tarts and fruity sponge cake.

The clients all enjoyed the high tea as they belted out in song and happily chatted away.

A client also commented, ‘It was a great morning and I really enjoyed it. The custard tarts were absolutely delicious!’.

Surrounded by her close friends, Eileen was smiling from ear to ear as everyone sang her ‘Happy Birthday’ and continued with ‘For She’s a Jolly Good Fellow’.

Pink may have well been the theme for Eileen’s birthday party as she was wearing her favourite light pink cardigan while enjoying her pink birthday cake.

When asked how old she was turning, Eileen jokingly said, ‘I feel like I’m 200 years old’.

When other team members and clients found out that Eileen was turning 102 years old, they were all very shocked as Eileen has a youthful and radiant look about her.

Since moving in to Arcare Eight Mile Plains in 2017, Eileen has made many good friends and has been an active participant of the residence’s activities and events.

For example, she was recently involved in Embraced’s 2019 Centenarian Portrait Project.

And at 102 years old, Eileen continues to be able to move around independently and make her own decisions.

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