6 January 2020

Enjoying ballroom dancing at Arcare North Lakes

After a very special request from a client at Arcare North Lakes, the lifestyle team had set out to make a wish come true!

After a few phone calls, they were able to locate a wonderful local ballroom dancing company.

The dancers were more than happy to perform at the Arcare North Lakes residence.

As they gracefully glided around the room and masterfully danced in synchrony, the clients’ face lit up as they were mesmerised by their dancing.

It was one of the most wonderful ballroom dancing experience for the clients!

‘It’s all about having the right partner; that makes the dancing perfect,’ a client said.

During the performance, the clients also shared with one another about how they once danced in dance halls and studios around the Brisbane area.

‘My memories of my ballroom-dancing days are coming back!’ a client commented.

They discussed in detail the exquisite outfits they wore and the type of dancing style that was their favourite and they even remember the classic songs that were playing in the background each weekend.

‘I used to sew my own gown to wear and most dresses have 5 layers so it would take me months to make,’ a client shared.

The clients at Arcare North Lakes prove that at any age, you can still give the dancing a go, even if it’s sitting in your chair and simply tapping along to the beat.

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