8 January 2020

The power of technology

On Thursday 19th December, the Arcare Malvern East community trialled a range of aged care specific products and technologies from Leef Independent Living Solutions, with the aim of improving clients’ social, mental and physical wellbeing.

Clients were offered the opportunity to interact with a range of robotic cats and dogs, and the response was overwhelming. Smiles could be seen and laughter could be heard coming from the clients, as the robotic animals purred, barked, breathed, meowed and even rolled over. The life-like pets brought immense comfort to all the clients who participated in the program. Some team members even chose to interact with the animals, commending their realism and comforting nature.

Client, Lorna was particularly moved by the presence of the animals, saying, “We used to have many cats and dogs…I feel like I’m home again!”

Lorna became visibly emotional, as she continued to pat and embrace the various robotic animals.

Leef Independent Living Solutions manager, Michelle was so moved by Lorna’s overwhelming response to the animals, that she decided to gift one of the robotics cats to Lorna.

Residence manager, Emma was absolutely astounded by the impact that the robotics animals had on the clients, especially Lorna. Lorna, who is typically quite reserved in her nature, became active and social within the short time interacting with the animals.

“You could see a complete mood change…It was incredible!” Emma said.

Clients were also introduced to the revolutionary magic table, the Tovertafel. The Tovertafel can project light based activities and games onto any surface for aged care clients to interact and play with.

Research has found that the Tovertafel can help improve sleep quality, mood and movement, as well as help manage dementia behaviours such as wandering. Clients spent much of their morning, interacting with the various games on the magic table, which included painting, puzzle solving and even catching butterflies.

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