27 November 2019

Remembrance Week at Arcare Keysborough

Remembrance Day marks the day when World War I came to an end in 1918. Every year, we pause at 11am on the 11th day on the 11th month, for two minutes to not only remember the people who gave their lives in WWI, but for all those who have lost their lives fighting for our country.

This year in November, the Arcare Keysborough community decided to pay their respects, and remember those who have served, over the course of a whole week, instead of on just the one day.

Clients proudly displayed their medals and certificates throughout the week.

Lifestyle coordinator, we are so grateful to everyone for a, Alison said, “We are so grateful that all of the community have joined in and gathered together to make this week special and memorable. It is so important that we show our respects towards those in the community who have sacrificed so much for all of us.”

On 11th November, the Arcare Keysborough community came together to pay their respects. The residence was silent as The Ode and the National Anthem echoed through the community on the loud speaker.

On Wednesday 13th November, the several members from the local RSL visited the community to conduct a special Remembrance service. It was a moving service. Clients were given the opportunity to each lay a poppy on the wreath.

Peter, a regular volunteer and RSL member, visits the community on a fortnightly basis to catch up with those clients who have served in the war. Peter made a special effort to attend the RSL service, and he even fashioned an indoor flagpole inside the residence, so that the Australian flag could be erected during the service.

To complete the week’s events, the community held a remembrance concert on Thursday 14th November. Douglas Sound the One Man Band travelled to the community to perform and launch one of his latest original songs. Douglas performed a range of reflective and upbeat songs, before he announced his latest song and the story behind it. After recently reviewing a number of historical accounts from ANZACs and diving into his uncles’ accounts after serving in Gallipoli, he decided to base his latest song around Remembrance. Clients enjoyed swaying along to the sweet melody, as many became emotional from the touching lyrics:


Remember them,

In the summer of 1914, when World war one began

Over four hundred thousand Men went from our Southern Land

To fight for King and Country in far off distant lands

From the shores of Gallipoli to the muddy western front

We call these men the ANZACS who gave their lives for us

As the years roll on and on, we shall remember them.

We call these men the ANZACS who served their country well

Their sacrifice can’t be explained, we will remember them.

As the years roll on and on , we shall remember them.


Lest we forget.

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