20 May 2019

Amazing wildlife with Ranger Dan

Clients and team members at Arcare North Shore got up close and personal with some of Australia’s cutest, weirdest and scariest wildlife creatures!

The local ranger paid us a very special visit to show us some of these amazing animals.

We got to feel the softest and cutest little creature called a Squirrel Glider and when Ranger Dan brought him out, everyone wanted a cuddle immediately.

However, not as many people were excited to cuddle and hold the large Olive Python.

But everyone did want to have a touch of its’ beautiful rainbow-coloured scales and were amazed to see how placid he was despite all the attention.

Phyliss commented on her childhood saying, “I love to see the animals as I grew up on a farm and I really miss seeing the lizards that I grew up with.”

We also got to see a friendly blue tongue lizard who simply adored all the attention and was not afraid at all.

After a lovely array of snakes, lizards and marsupials, last but not least, it was time for an adorable little crocodile to make its appearance.

Even though most people do not like crocodiles, everyone was surprisingly unafraid of the baby crocodile as they gave it lots of love and lots of cuddles.

Dulcie was especially fond of this little fella and found it really hard to hand it back to Ranger Dan.

These wildlife visits are great for everyone as we learn something new every time.

Everyone also felt really good about conquering their fears and stretching out their hands to touch the large python.

It was a hugely eventful morning and everyone had plenty to talk about over lunch that day.

We can’t wait to see what other different creatures Ranger Dan will bring for us on his next visit!



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