30 August 2019

Better in pairs

The Arcare Oatlands lifestyle team wanted to help husband and wife Yu Hing So and Yin Chi to play mah-jong but needed four players, the team thought it would be a great opportunity to introduce the couple to Chinese sister in-laws Phoebe and Phyllis Chow.

The team took this opportunity to also help Yin Chi interact more with others as she speaks little English and can sometimes find it hard to join in on some activities.

Now that there were four plays, everyone was excited to play.

Game day had arrived, all payers eagerly made their way down to the meeting point. Everyone sat down and began chatting, only to realise that they were old neighbours from when they lived in Eastwood.

As you can imagine the conversation carried on for several hours, reminiscing about the old times.

Since the first meeting back in July the group now meet on a regular basis and have become good friends which brings the lifestyle team so much joy knowing they were able to help form this great friendship.

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